KAPS and PEBC Exams are the two major Abroad Pharmacy license exams which a high volume  of  Indian Pharmacists attend each year. Why is this so ? Why are these exams becoming more and more popular among Indian Pharmacist each Year?

In this blog, we are stating some reasons for the increasing  popularity of KAPS and PEBC exams.

What is KAPS?

KAPS or knowledge assessment of pharmaceutical science it is an exam conducted by the Australian pharmacy council three times a year. The exam is conducted to know more about your knowledge or to know how much you know about pharmaceutical science in Australia. There are five examination centres all over India Chennai, Mumbai, Hyderabad, Delhi and   Bangalore. There are two sets of exam papers: paper 1 and paper 2. 

  • Paper 1 is mainly focused on pharmaceutical chemistry, pharmacology and physiology.
  • Paper 2 is based on pharmaceutical and therapeutics.
  • Duration for each and every exam is two hours.
  • When you pass the KAPS exam, you are eligible to practice in Australia. 

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PEBC or the pharmacy examining board of Canada. It is a national certification body for the pharmacy profession in Canada. You need to clear this examination to work in Canada. Pharmacist job in Canada are of high demand. It is a non-profit organization with an experience of 50 years in assessing the qualification . They also check competence of the candidates to get license from the regulatory authorities.

The need for this PEBC examination is to assess the qualification of the pharmacist candidates and pharmacy technician. The board authorities’ analyses qualifications, develops and administers examinations which include national qualifying examinations, and issues certificates of qualifications. This PEBC ensures that pharmacist enter the profession with proper qualification, necessary knowledge, skill and abilities to effectively practice pharmacy.  PEBC also ensure the quality of the candidates for the safe and effective health care to Canadians.

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Reasons for migration

As it is already mentioned Above, KAPS and PEBC Exams are the Pharmacy equivalency exams of Australia and Canada Respectively. It is compulsory that pharmacist who wish to practice in either of these countries must clear The above exams. As in the case of Pharmacist or in any other job , There are a lot of reasons for people to migrate to these countries . the two main reasons are

  1. Salary : Being a registered pharmacist in either of theses countries will provide them a high salary when compared to the Salaries of Indian Pharmacist. This is the one of the major reason, Indian Pharmacist are clearing these exams and trying to become a registered pharmacist in any of these countries.
  2. Work life balance: As both of these countries are developed, a good work life balance will be maintained among the pharmacist even though they have busy schedule .  Employee laws are very strict .

There are also many other reasons like improved lifestyle , allowance and free medical coverages but these two reasons stand out as the main attractions .

Since post Covid, the requirement for pharmacist became very important in both Canada and Australia. If you dream to be a pharmacist in either of these countries , Please reach out to Pharma International Institute , The Best KAPS and PEBC Coaching Centre In India.