Have you ever wondered what are the skills required to become a successful pharmacist in your dream work place?

We always need skill or talent for any job we look for. There can be different type of skill to succeed in all aspects of your life whether it can be in your work place, hobbies or sports. For general jobs like a pharmacist they require skills acquired by the individual by practice and training to do their job.

There are some pharmacist skills you need to acquire before you enter into a job as a Pharmacist.

  1. Accuracy
  2. Communication skills
  3. Proof reading
  4. Interpersonal skills
  5. Multitasking
  6. Patient counselling
  7. Computer skills
  8. Gaining knowledge
  9. Professional ethics


  1. Accuracy:

    As a pharmacist, accuracy in dispensing of medicines is very important. A main job of a pharmacist is to deal with medicines in production to marketing and involvement in dispensing of medicines. When a pharmacist mishandles medicines given to a patient it can be dangerous. They are expected to deal with medicines in an expert manner without any errors and it should be quick. As we all know the handwriting of the doctor is hard to understand but as a pharmacist it is necessary to understand and also required to fill prescriptions in cases of foreign countries like USA, Canada. Being a pharmacist is hard because they should be accurate in their work or else because it is a matter of life and death.

  2. Communication skills:

    communication skill is very important for the job of a pharmacist jobs as communication is the key, where we have to communicate with the patients. It is important that we have a command in English and the local languages of the city. As a pharmacist, they need to communicate with the patients about the dosage of the medicine, when to take the medicine and how to take. For example, in cases of chronic illness it is necessary that the patient should not miss any dosage.

  3. Proof reading:

    The doctors sometimes miss out the drug to drug interaction and prescribe medications so the pharmacist proofreads the prescriptions as they can inform the doctors regarding the issues and get the prescription changed. But before that the pharmacist should have a clear cut idea about the medicines.

  4. Interpersonal skills:

    interpersonal skill is important for a pharmacist to deal with the patients. Patients can be of different types and attitudes so only a pharmacist can deal with them and make sure they cooperate and take medications. Being a pharmacist, it is a struggle between the doctor and patients. So a pharmacist need to have patients, great sense of humour and diplomacy as their interpersonal skills

  5. Multitasking:

    a pharmacist should be able to multitask their job along with dispensing of medicines. They need to check for the expiry dates of the medicine, restocking of medicines and they need to do other small to big tasks that are assigned to them

  6. Patient counselling:

    It is one of the important skill any pharmacist needs. The basic job of a pharmacist is to provide vital information, advice and assistance to the patients regarding the medications and ensure that they take medication properly. Thus good communication skill is required for the same along with that a pharmacist require deep knowledge about medicines which can be acquired during their past education.

  7. Computer skills:

    as our generation is moving towards online pharmacy known (as e-pharmacy). A pharmacist need to know about computer knowledge as most of the pharmacies are connected with internet. And one important aspect is that it is easier to store customer data, inventory counts and billings.

  8. Gaining knowledge:

    we grow our knowledge every day in the field of pharmacy, it is a field of pharmaceutical innovation and innovation of many new medicines in the market. It is important that pharmacists should keep themselves updated in this field and keep on learning professional things.

  9. Professional ethics:

    ethics is something that we need to maintain in all matters of life and especially in the field of pharmacy. They shouldn’t disclose the details of the patients unless it is an emergency. There may be some patients who would purchase anti-HIV medicines from a pharmacist whether they are neighbors or far still their details should not be disclosed in the community under any circumstances.


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