All healthcare professionals who desire to work in the UAE must clear the MOHAP (Ministry of Health and Prevention) exam, formerly the MOH exam. Separate examinations and evaluations are conducted for each profession in this sector such as doctors, nurses, pharmacists, physicians, dentists etc. The MOH exam is conducted online which means the candidate doesn’t need to visit UAE and can apply individually to the authority to process their application. Passing the MOH exam allows you to work in all other five emirates excluding Dubai and Abu Dhabi. Let’s look at the processing and registration of the MOH exam.

How to Register for the MOH exam?

There are five stages in the registration process. Here it is revealed.

Stage 1: Proof Credentialing and Evaluation

It is the stage of convincing the authorities about our eligibility for appearing in the exam and getting approval with the necessary documents. It is the checking of whether the candidate meets the requirements including experience. It could take up to one week.

Stage 2: Dataflow

Dataflow or Primary Source of verification means verifying the candidate’s personal and professional documents from where they are issued. Dataflow requirements vary depending on the profession of the candidate. So, be careful about the required documents and their submission. Be aware and ensure that the information you submit is correct and truthful. Any kind of missing or mistakes in the application will lead to some delay or denial from the exam.

Stage 3: MOH exam registration

The MOH exam can be registered once the dataflow is done. The MOHAP will provide examination dates and the candidate can select the appropriate one. Be aware of the exam patterns and practice them efficiently. Depending on an experienced training institution such as Pharma International Institute is a game changer.

Stage 4: Appear for Exam

You need to keep and submit the necessary documents for appearing in the exam. Otherwise, it will lead to the cancellation of the exam. Try to reach the exam centre at least 45 minutes before the scheduled exam time. Candidates can appear in the exam a maximum of three times.

Stage 5: Check the results

The exam results will be published on the official website of MOHAP and candidates can access the results by logging the credentials. The results will be out within two to five days after the exam.

The scores will not be published; the only information that you get is whether you passed or failed. However, now you can apply for requesting eligibility as proof of winning the exam. But before requesting the eligibility proof, you need to ensure your employer link with the application to the MOH licencing board.

The MOH exam is an important and may be a turning point in the life of a health care professional who dreams of working in UAE. Therefore, you need to put your maximum effort into winning the exam. Several printed books or the unorganized data scattered on the internet are not that you rely on for cracking the MOH. The unparalleled and accurate training and guidance that Pharma International Institute provides are all you need. Join us today for a bright tomorrow.