The process of verifying certificates to ensure their genuineness and authenticity is known as dataflow. The Ministry of Health (MoH) of the United Arab Emirates (UAE) implements the MOH Dataflow Group’s specialized Primary Source Verification (PSV) systems to examine the credentials of healthcare professionals working in the nation.

What is PSV? 

Primary Source Verification shortened as PSV is the process of determining the credibility of the certificates and documents from the primary source submitted by an applicant. The verification is done by an international company called “ Dataflow”. The authority will check and confirm the legitimacy of the applicant’s educational certificate, experience certificate, good standing certificate and health license. 

Why Is Dataflow Important for Pharmacists? 

The healthcare sector in UAE executes PSV in order to detect non-original certificates and prevent illegal practicing. Through the PSV process, the authority checks and ensure the credibility of the certificates and the institution where the certificates are generated.

An organization runs the danger of getting false, skewed, or biased information from other sources if it neglects to confirm the credentials of its providers through a main source. By confirming that practitioners are licenced, competent, and in good standing, primary source verification and documentation safeguard patients. Healthcare organizations may unwittingly endanger patient safety without primary source verification.

 The process is implemented by MOH’s collaboration with the Dataflow group. All health professionals in UAE including pharmacists and assistant pharmacists are required to undergo the validation process at the time of issuing the license. Please be aware that each document needs to be checked once only. But if the health professional is entitled to a new degree, the PSV process is required to repeat for the newly acquired certificate then. 

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