As of the 2022 World Index of Healthcare Innovation, the UAE ranks 19th, providing comprehensive healthcare encompassing both the public and private sectors. Every day many professionals are drawn to the UAE dreaming of building up a career there. Competitive salary based on experience, and strong social security are the two prominent factors that persuade people to settle their lives in UAE. Having a corresponding license according to the emirate is the basic and essential thing for health professionals in the UAE. This blog will uncover everything about UAE’s MOH, DHA, and HAAD licences for health professionals.  

Why health Professional licence is important?

Every individual health professional needs to acquire the licence according to the stipulation of the emirate where they work in order to practice legally and prove their eligibility as well as credibility.

What Are the health care licences in the UAE?

There are five kinds of healthcare licenses. However, while most of the requirements for obtaining them are the same, the main difference is that you can only work in the recommended emirates where the licence is issued. The name of the licence varies according to the issuing authority.

  • MOH

Obtaining MOH (Ministry of Health) licence makes you able to practice in the emirates of Sharjah, Ajman, Fujairah, Ras Al Khaimah and Umm Al Quwain.

  • DHA

DHA medical licence is issued by the Dubai Health Authority and valid only in the emirate of Dubai.

  • HAAD

HAAD medical licence (Health Authority of Abu Dhabi) is for those who are interested in working in Abu Dhabi.

  • DHCC

DHCC licence from Dubai Health Care City lets you to practice in the free zone of Dubai. The licence is published by Harvard International.

Eligibility Criteria

Depending on the medical profession you want to practice the eligibility criteria vary for different licences. The basic requirements and documents that are needed for the verification of identity are the same for all healthcare professionals. Graduation is mandatory for all profiles except technicians.

However, there is no age limit for appearing in these exams, candidates above 65 years need to produce a medical fitness certificate for DHA exam.

The official website of each authority has listed the terms and conditions for the exam. It is advised to go through them before applying to get a clear perspective.

Exam Syllabus

The DHA, MOH, and DHCC exams put forward different syllabus for each profession. Nursing fundamentals, med-surg nursing, maternity nursing, psychiatric nursing, nursing management, and nursing leadership are among the topics covered in the HAAD exam syllabus.

Exam Pattern

DHA exams are two hours long and only contain multiple-choice questions. To pass the exam, you must receive at least a 60%.

The exam pattern for MOH examinations consists of written, practical, and viva exams. Getting a MOH licence requires passing this three-part exam.
The HAAD test has 150 multiple-choice questions and is administered using a computer-based model.

There are two examination sets in the exam format for DHCC. There are two types of assessments: oral and computer-based.

Score Card

Marks for the DHA exam range from 0 to 100 on the scorecard. A minimum of 60 points is required to pass the exam.

In the case of MOH, a candidate wins if their percentage point total is greater than 60%.

The HAAD scorecard is based on a standardised format for assessing difficulty, and a passing score of between 60 and 65 is required.

The maximum number of attempts for all these exams is limited to three.

Licence Renewal

DHA’s licence can be renewed at any time up to three months before its expiration date; the licence has a one-year total validity period. Similarly, by following the necessary procedures outlined on the official websites of each body, you can renew the licences of HAAD, MOH, and DHCC.

In summary, being well-informed about the MOH, DHA, and HAAD licenses is crucial for healthcare professionals considering roles in the UAE. With a clear understanding of the requirements for each license, professionals can confidently begin their careers in the vibrant healthcare sector of the UAE.