Most of us will be confused about what career we need to choose after our 12th standards. There are several career options in front of you, choosing the best option is in your hands. It all depends on your caliber and interest in the subject. You have to analyze the career choices in front of you, do researches and have an idea about the career scopes. Pharmacy is one the best option in this generation. Especially during Covid 19 outbreak, pharmacist have played an important role in drug information expert and it is an asset for health care providers and patients.

Let’s know discuss the career options in the field of pharmacy:

  1. A student should pass the his/her 12th examination with their stream science.
  2. The students can opt for D. Pharm that is of 2 years, B. Pharm of 4 years, Pharm D of 6 years.
  3. Pharm is Diploma in Pharmacy. Its duration is 2 years. Candidates after completing can apply to work as pharmacist in government and private hospitals, they can even open their medical stores.
  4. Pharma is Bachelor in pharmacy. It’s a course of 4 years. Career options after taking B Pharm is more as you can apply in production, quality assurance, quality control in a pharmaceutical company. You can be a drug inspector too.
  5. Any diploma student can pursue B Pharm by just taking admission for B pharm 2nd
  6. After completing B Pharm, you can directly go for your post-graduation in M Pharm. Basically M Pharm is a two year course where first year is research oriented analytical techniques and second year will be fully research based projects followed by thesis submission.
  7. There are various things that must be noted like before taking admissions in M Pharm you must qualify GPAT which is graduate pharmacy aptitude test and he/she must pass with a good percentile. Specialization can be done on any field like pharmaceuticals, pharmaceutical chemistry, pharmaceutical analysis, pharmaceutical quality assurance, pharmaceutical regulatory affairs, pharmacy practice, pharmacology, industrial pharmacy etc.
  8. Doctor in pharmacy is a 6-year duration course in which 5 years is learning and 1 year of internship for practical training.
  9. One of the important thing is that all the pharmacy courses should be All India Council of Technical Education(AICTE) and Pharmacy Council of India (PCI) approved.

What all do you need to consider before working in a pharmacy

  • Pharmacy working hours may be irregular: as pharmacies are open all hours. It can be irregular schedules and even have to work at night shifts. It can increase experience in this field and gain more autonomy.
  • Being a pharm tech can lead to becoming a pharmacist: the first step in this career is being a pharm tech. it gives you a chance to prove your knowledge and prepares you for rigorous education requirement of becoming a full-fledged pharmacist.
  • Pharm tech careers are becoming more important: in the coming generation the growing number of individuals and the need for both medical and pharmaceutical care. It is said that pharmacy will grow by 12 percent in 2026.


  1. Having a high school diploma or GED
  2. Not having a criminal background
  3. Complete formal education or training program
  4. Qualifying all the required exams
  • You need excellent communication skills: the pharmacist should have the skill to interact with the co-workers and the patients. Find solutions for the customer’s problems and clear doubts about their prescription.
  • You must pay attention to the details: works of a pharmacist include providing critical medications for patients. Your actions can give life and take life. Thus accuracy and presence of mind is important. You need to make sure the medications are given at the right time and in the right dosage. This immediate response to situations are acquired with a lot of practice and attention to detail. You need to stay accurate in timings while working quickly.
  • Pharmacist should ensure accuracy: pharmacist need to check details and ensure that all the medication are filled properly. All the doubts and concerns can be cleared from a pharmacist and a pharmacist can council their patients regarding medications.
  • Maths skills come as an important factor: maths should be used in a daily basis to ensure they give the correct amount of medications and dosage is accurate. Chemistry will also come in handy where you have to mix compounds for you patients.
  • You will have to spend most of the work day on your feet: your job is to serve the patients with the right amount of medications and counselling the patients. Whether its inventory, filling prescriptions or interacting with customers thus standing will be a daily task for you.


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