Demands for pharmacists in Canada.

As listed by the Canadian Government, pharmacist jobs are in high demand in Canada. According to the same, it is one of the twenty nine occupations in Canada that are in high demand. Now since it is the time of post Covid there is a shortage of pharmacists when it comes to certain regions and cities in Canada. So the scope for an Indian Pharmacist at this point in time is relatively high.

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This field has not only a great demand in Canada but will also bring forward lots of job opportunities in the coming years. In this blog, you will understand the job description of a pharmacist, the scope of being an Indian Pharmacist in Canada, and what pharmacists are expected to do at their job.

Job description of a pharmacist in Canada

 So, what do pharmacists actually do? Working as a pharmacist especially in a foreign country requires a lot of skill. Also, the job comes with huge responsibilities so prepare yourself for the same.

  • Communication

Communication is a much needed skill when it comes to this particular job. As mentioned earlier, since you are an Indian working as a pharmacist in Canada, it is important that you know English in order to communicate properly with your customers.

Make sure you are fluent in English as it is very crucial for communication. Since English is not the first language of our country some of us will not be well acquainted with the language. But it is possible to build up your communication skills if you put in a little effort.

A larger part of the job is communication with the patients that come for the medicine or drugs. As a pharmacist, you will be one instructing them on how to take their prescribed medicine, whether there are any particular side effects they should keep in mind, and how the medication actually works on them.

So all this should be clearly communicated to them. You have a huge responsibility in making them understand the particular drug they are taking. If the communication between a pharmacist and patient is not properly done there is a chance of immense consequences.

  • Multitasking

As a pharmacist, you would have to do a lot of different tasks at the same time. So training yourself in multitasking is very important when it comes to this job.

Some of the few tasks include checking the medical history of your patients, filling their prescription, preparing their medicines, checking on how the doctors instructed their patients to take the medications, informing the patients about their medications, warning them about its side effects, counting the correct amount of pills, marking labels correctly, etc.

All this requires a lot of energy, patience and an ability to multitask on a daily basis.

Does a career in pharmacy help you earn well? 

As the demand for pharmacists is pretty high, you will have a wide range of opportunities to explore according to what suits you. The salary for a pharmacist in Canada varies from city to city and also according to the demand in different regions. But most of the pharmacists in Canada earn up to $91,053. So working as a pharmacist does help to earn well.

Where would a pharmacist have to work?

 In most cases, pharmacists would have to probably work in a drugstore or a pharmacy. You can also find job opportunities in hospitals where it is necessary for providing medicines and drugs.

So the scope of an Indian pharmacist in Canada is pretty high. As far as hospitals keep running, pharmacies are a must because people will keep coming asking for medicines and drugs prescribed by their doctors.

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