HAAD is the short form for the Health Authority of Abu Dhabi. It is one of the most important examinations for Medical and health care professionals, nurses, dentists, dietitians, and Pharmacists.

The HAAD exam is an eligibility exam for medical license conducted by the health authority of Abu Dhabi for those who wish to take up a medical practice in Abu Dhabi.

It is mandatory to pass the HAAD exam to obtain a professional license for medical practice in Abu Dhabi.

As we are the best HAAD coaching centre in Kerala, here is a complete guide on what you should know before applying for the HAAD exam and the details of all the documents you will need while doing the same.

This blog contains:

  • Qualifications and eligibility criteria
  • How to register
  • Documents that are required to be submitted
  • How to apply


1) Qualification and eligibility criteria

 The qualification and eligibility criteria are different for different health care professionals.

  1. Eligibility requirement of HAAD for doctors

It is mandatory you have an MD or equivalent medical degree from a recognized university. Also, you will have to undergo a period of supervision if you haven’t practiced for the past two years.

Along with this a fellowship from a professional body is required. According to the level of the post or position you are applying for, you will have to provide proof of your experience based on the same.

  1. Eligibility requirement for nurses

A bachelor’s degree or diploma in nursing is mandatory unless told otherwise. If you are applying for an ADON position then a master’s degree is also required.

A minimum of one year of experience is required for hospital positions and you will have to provide proof of your experience according to the level or position you are applying for.

Fellowship in a professional body and a Basic Life Support certificate is a must for all nursing positions.

  1. Eligibility requirement for pharmacists

 The basic BSc degree in Pharmacy is a must. You will need to undergo a period of supervision if you have not practiced for the past two years.

          Your Current National License is required and you will have to provide proof of your experience according to the level or position you’re applying for.


2) How to register 

 The first stage of registration is to find out whether you are qualified to sit for the HAAD exam. This is known as PQR Assessment or Professional Qualification Requirement Assessment.

So before you go forward with the registration make sure that you have all the required qualifications mentioned for appearing for the examination. This is important because HAAD will not accept your application if you are not qualified and the first stage checks your credentials and eligibility criteria.

If you are eligible, you can apply first to the Data Flow and then go through the PSV or Primary Source Verification. Once you have gone through all these three stages, you are ready to apply for the HAAD exam.


3) How to apply 

  After you have finished your registration you can follow the steps mentioned to apply for the HAAD exam.

  • Go to the HAAD registration site
  • Login by using your username and password
  • Click on “e-licensing” and then select Examination
  • Select “Exam Scheduling” and after that choose the date and location you are comfortable with
  • Enter your application number and then click on search after this click on the “BOOK” button.
  • Pay the required exam fees and print your exam ticket
  • Attend your exam after which your score will be notified


4) Documents required for HAAD exam

 These are the documents that you will have to submit while applying for the HAAD exam

  • The front and back page of your passport
  • A passport size photo which should have a white background
  • S.L.C Certificate
  • Plus two Certificate
  • Degree Certificate or Diploma Certificate
  • Registration or License Certificate
  • You mark lists of all the years
  • Transcript
  • Experience Certificate for 2 years
  • BLS Certificate
  • Good Standing Certificate


These are all the necessary and important things to keep in mind while applying for the HAAD exam. As the best HAAD coaching center in Kerala, we can help you fulfill your goal of practicing permanently in Abu Dhabi with our outstanding coaching methods. We also offer the best training for other abroad pharmacy Exams like KAPS , PEBC , DHA ,MOH etc….