MOH Exam stands for Ministry of Health Exam. The exam is conducted by the Ministry of Health UAE. It is a medical license exam that is conducted for appointing health care professionals who can work at different health care centers all over UAE.

All the candidates who pass the MOH Exam will be qualified to work in all the five Emirates except Dubai and Abu Dhabi.

We are the best MOH coaching centre in Kerala, here is a complete guide of details as to what you should know before applying for the MOH exam. If you have further queries or doubts feel free to reach out to us.

In this blog we will see:

  • Qualifications and eligibility criteria
  • How to apply
  • Documents submission required for the exam


  • Qualifications and eligibility criteria

        The candidate has to have a Diploma or a Degree in nursing from a recognized college or university and registration from their home country in order to attend or sit for the MOH exam. The person also should have a minimum of five months post as well as registration experience.

Also, internship and experience should not be less than 3 years.

  • Documents to be submitted

  • SSLC and 10th standard certificate
  • Plus two or 12th standard certificate
  • Degree or diploma certificate
  • Registration certificate
  • BLS (only for doctors and nurses)
  • Good standing certificate
  • Experience certificate
  • Passport size photo in colour
  • Copy of your passport
  • Authorization letter from DHA
  • Proof of professional registration in your own country

All the certificates should be attested and approved with the seals from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs from the country where the certificate was issued.

All the certificates presented must be original at the time of collecting and should be the same as the ones uploaded.

The certificates regarding GP for doctors should be granted by the universities recognized in the WHO listing. If otherwise, the candidate will not be qualified for the MOH exam. In any case of interruption or stoppage in practice, then also the candidate will not be qualified to sit for the exam.

No exception will be granted, it is mandatory to submit all the required documents while applying in order to attempt the MOH exam.

All the candidates will be given three attempts for the MOH exam. If failed in all three, a fourth chance would be granted a year after the date of the exam last attended by the candidate.

All the candidates will appear for the online exam which is conducted worldwide by the Ministry of Health UAE. No offline or oral exam will be conducted.

  • How to apply for the MOH exam

Let’s go through this step by step on how you should apply for the MOH exam.

Step 1:

 The first thing you need to do before applying is to prepare all your required documents and make sure you have them all ready.

You need not have all of it attested yet but make sure you have scanned all the documents clearly without any errors.

All the documents required are mentioned above.

Step 2:

 The second step is to create a MOH account.

For this, you have to go to Sheryan which is an online licensing system for DHA, which can help you monitor all the things related to your license. So go to the site and create an account.

You will be taken to another page after creating an account called Online Registration and Licensing This is where you have to upload all the required documents that were mentioned earlier.

 Step 3:

 Wait for the eligibility ID.

This process can take up to six weeks. So you can start with the next process. Make sure you have a credit card based in UAE as this will be required for paying your MOH exam fees. The current fee is 7000 in rupees.

Step 4:

Apply for PSV

After they have pre-valued all the documents you uploaded, they will send you a link through your mail for your Primary Source Verification done.

After this, it may take another six weeks to get your PSV.

Step 5:

 Schedule your Prometric exam.

After paying the fees for the MOH exam you will get a MOH Reference Number. After you get the same you can schedule for your MOH exam.

Step 6:

 Go to your respective exam center and give the MOH exam. You might get your result two to five days after who have attended the exam

So these are the steps you should follow for applying for the MOH exam. The exam is tough and you might as well need good coaching to crack the same.

If you have any further questions or queries besides this feel free to contact us. We are the best MOH coaching centre in Kerala and with our teaching techniques you can finally make your dreams of practicing abroad come true!