Pharmacists are health professionals who formulate, preserve, control, and dispense medications and provide advise or counselling on how medications must be used. Pharmacy is a rewarding as well as a rapidly evolving profession. All pharmacists must always remain knowledgeable about new treatment guidelines and recent medications approved for treatment. The below article lists down the various benefits there is to becoming a pharmacist.

  • Improving patient outcomes

Pharmacists have an immense impact on medication adherence and compliance. They play an important role in achieving positive health outcomes, fewer hospitalizations, decrease in disease progression and co-morbidities, by being accessible and building relationships with their patients.

  • They are an important part of the community

Pharmacists play a key role in society by helping patients feel better and are an integral part of every community. They are the most accessible health professionals and are visible leaders in most communities.

  • Can pursue diverse career options

There are diverse career opportunities in the field of pharmacy. While most pharmacists are independent or work in retail chain community pharmacy, others have created new opportunities for themselves. Healthcare environments for pharmacists include but are not limited to managed care organizations, hospitals, nursing homes, the pharmaceutical industry, colleges, federal government etc. They work in direct patient care, research, and as part of the legislative process carrying the profession forward.

  • Becoming a fundamental part of the healthcare team

Pharmacists work alongside other healthcare professionals to improve health outcomes as well as ensure the continuity of care. There are various benefits to having pharmacists on hospital rounds and in ambulatory care settings. Pharmacists are now playing a key role in reducing hospital readmission rates, chronic disease management and medication therapy management. Nowadays, they are not only part of the medical care team but are also participating in clinics, visiting, and counselling patients.

  • Benefitting from growth potential

Developments are taking place within the pharmacy profession such as specialty pharmacy, discipline of pharmacogenomics and artificial intelligence. Specialty medications such as biosimilars and increases in personalized healthcare expansion are also taking place.

  • Autonomy

Pharmacists have the advantage of exercising professional autonomy in choosing their work environment and work hours. They are also capable of redefining their roles in the healthcare setting to provide optimal patient care. They are an integral part of the healthcare team that support clinicians by ensuring patient medication safety and efficacy.

  • Flexible schedule

Pharmacists enjoy a non-traditional work schedule that creates a work-life balance. As a pharmacist, it is quite easy to find a position that fits your lifestyle. There are day shifts, night shifts, and longer shifts which allows for more time off from work. Flexibility in work schedules and job descriptions are popular to enhance requirement and retention.

  • Career stability

With the increase in patient population over the ages, there will continue to be an increasing demand for pharmaceutical services. This ensures a stability for the profession in the long run.

  • Mentor future pharmacists

As a pharmacist, you will be setting an example for future pharmacists, assist them in their career path and choose pharmacy as a career. You will also be able to help others, not only patients but also healthcare professionals.


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