Among Gulf countries, the UAE is the most opulent and glamorous nation and a dream destination of many. The reasons behind the immigration to UAE can be listed as cultural diversity, advanced and modernized infrastructure, employment opportunities with notable perks, and a secure environment. If you are a medical professional, such as a doctor, nurse, pharmacist, dietitian, physiotherapist, or lab technician and wish to practice in Abu Dhabi, the capital of the United Arab Emirates, you need to pass the HAAD exam, which is administrated by Health Authority of Abu Dhabi. This exam is a requirement for obtaining a license to practice in Abu Dhabi. In Dubai, the exam is conducted by DHA ( Dubai Health Authority). The MOH (Ministry Of Health) holds the exam in the rest of the emirates.

Procedures Before the Exam

  1. Check in at the front office in the exam center with the original identification card.
  2. After the verification of the documents, your photo will be taken and signature will be collected on an electronic signature pad.
  3. You will be given a notice of terms and conditions and you should be aware of and follow those stipulations.
  4. Finally, you will be given a locker to keep your personal belongings.

HAAD Exam: Make a Quick Review Through

  • Examine the obligations and duties of healthcare professionals, as well as delegations and collaborative care. Since this is a subject that is more likely to be in question, put effort into becoming familiar with both the independent and interdependent components of your profession.
  • Review the anatomy and physiology of the human system, the illnesses that affect it, and the available therapeutic options.
  • Find out the basics and responsibilities of patient care. Reading policies and guidelines for best practices with respect to healthcare services is also recommended.
  • Review infection control procedures when it comes to illness prevention.
  • Read about the relationships between the various multidisciplinary healthcare team members.


Process of the HAAD Exam

The HAAD exam is conducted for a duration of 2.5 hours and you have to go through 100 multiple-choice questions.

  1.  After the procedures before the exam have been done, you will be guided into the exam hall called the testing station and you will be provided with a computer. You are not allowed to take additional materials such as pen, paper or handheld calculator into the testing station, as there is an onscreen standard calculator is available.
  2. Before the exam starts, there will be a brief instructional video displayed on the screen. Even though breaks are allowed during the exam, the timer will continue to run and the break will not extend the exam’s time limit.
  3. You can vacate the testing station immediately after finishing the exam. Remember to inform the reception area before leaving and you will be provided with a printed scorecard by the administrator. Please keep in mind that your exam result is one of the main criteria for HAAD licence approval. The exam results will be transferred automatically to the Health Authority of Abu Dhabi.

The Success Mantras

Mantras can do magic only when we follow and perform them persistently. Nothing can help you achieve what you aim for without dedication and ample practice.

Dedication: The HAAD exam takes a minimum period of two months for preparation. So, devote yourself to learning and practising throughout the entire duration. You need to spend at least 15 hours a week on your studies to get better results.

Preparation: If you are aiming to answer as many questions as possible, then you have to put in some effort to practice as much as possible. Make sure that you have referred to and made use of most of the sources that are available. Whether it is books, guides, the internet or whatever it is, ensure to cover the maximum number of topics and revise them regularly. Follow an ideal routine for effective preparation. The Pharma International Institute; the best HAAD coaching centre in Kerala, India, provides you with integrated training on the HAAD exam under qualified and experienced faculty. The matchless training, frequent revision and mock tests prepare you fully and confidently for the exam.

Keep yourself stress-free: Mostly, 80-90 percent of candidates with enough preparation crack the exam on their first attempt. Therefore, don’t let yourself caught up in unnecessary worries. Keep yourself stress-free and focus on preparation.