People migrating to other countries is a common affair these days. For whatever reason, people migrate to other countries – influence of the western culture, a better standard of living or it could be anything. Are you a pharmacist? Are you planning to work abroad? Now, that opens up a lot of doors and a lot of questions.

There are a whole lot of countries to choose from. Which would be the best for you? The best country might differ from person to person according to preferences and other factors.


A major part of moving to another country depends on you. Especially if you plan to settle in that country which a lot of people do these days. We do not mean something like homesickness. Something a bit less trivial. How you can adapt to the new country.

Adapting doesn’t just include you getting along with the natives. It depends on other factors such as how you hold up against the climate of the country. If the climatic conditions are similar and you experience no issues, everything is good. What if your body can’t handle the climate of the country you migrate to? That is going to create problems for you and your career abroad.


Second, you must choose the country where you can have a stable life with the financial budget (pre-job) you have. This is so that you can be comfortable while you wait to be registered or are still looking for a job. In a country which is completely new to you, you will need some money to get by during the initial days. You must take care to choose wisely.

Major countries

Registered Pharmacists from India often Migrate to the U.S.A, the U.K, Canada, Australia, Dubai, Saudi Arabia and Switzerland among many other countries. The countries listed above are not the only countries you can migrate to. But, they are the most favoured. Even among them, the U.S, the U.K and Canada are what most pharmacists prefer.

Indian pharmacists preferred countries are Canada, Australia and Dubai. It could be owing to the fact that renowned institutions like Pharma International Institute provide necessary education and furnish expertise needed to work in these countries.

The best choice, according to trends and results, for Indian Pharmacists who wish to migrate to other countries are Canada, Australia and Dubai.

How to (in general)?

Different countries have different requirements that you should meet in order to work there. You might have to clear multiple exams. You have to produce necessary documents which has to be verified in order for you to be registered.

In addition, some countries won’t have a national body which makes registration, licensing and practicing rules uniform throughout the country. Which means that each province or state has their own rules. Knowing which place specifically is best can be hard.

Additional requirements

All countries require you to cross a ‘standard’ mark. Apart from that, certain countries have requirements which might not be specifically mentioned anywhere. You have to be on par with pharmacists of a country to work there. Being on par does not mean just in the work.

Your fluency in language is a matter of concern. Some countries require you to take a test to determine fluency even if your first language is English. Furthermore, even if English is the only ‘required’ language, you will be expected to be fluent in other languages too. For example in certain provinces of Canada, French is a major language and as a pharmacist, you are expected to be fluent in that language too.

You are also supposed to have an insurance for health and in some countries for legal issues too.

Is this a good choice?

Most definitely, this is a good choice. In countries where people are more concerned about their health, a pharmacist can thrive. Most of the countries that pharmacists migrate to have people who take their health seriously. This will help in establishing yourself abroad.

How to migrate to Canada as a registered pharmacist?

First, as in a lot of countries, you need a certain level of education, which here is a Bachelor’s degree in pharmacy. Second, you have to enroll in NAPRA’s (National Association of Pharmacy Regulatory Authorities) Pharmacists’ Gateway Canada and clear the PEBC (Pharmacy Examining Board of Canada) Certification Process. Finally, you have to prove your expertise in the language. This goes for all provinces in Canada except Québec where procedures are a bit different.

You have to be registered with the authority overlooking migrant pharmacists and clear the certification where your skills as a pharmacist will be put to test on paper as well as in simulated environments. Finally, after clearing various stages of The Certification process, you can show how fluent you are in the required language (which in Canada is English).

Then, all that is left is to get in touch with the provincial authority that overlooks pharmacists of the are and get licensed to practice. A professional liability insurance is required if you wish to practice in Canada.

If you are wondering how you can clear the PEBC Certification Process, Pharma International Institute, one of the best PEBC coaching centre in India would be an excellent choice. They have been helping pharmacists clear the PEBC and work in Canada for years now. They sure have the expertise to get anyone willing enough through the Certification Process.

How to migrate to Australia as a registered pharmacist?

An approved pharmacy qualification which is a four-year full-time degree and registration in your own country is required to apply for KAPS (Knowledge Assessment of pharmaceutical Sciences) Examination which you must clear in order to work as a registered pharmacist in Australia. The Australian Pharmacy Council (APC) looks over the registration of migrants in Australia.

The KAPS Exam is held thrice a year with venues internationally available. The results of the examination are valid for four years from the date of clearing the exam. If you clear the KAPS Examination and are deemed fit according to other criteria, you can start practicing in Australia. And, about fluency, you need to be good with English.

If you’re looking for some place that can train you to crack the KAPS Examination, you’re in luck. Pharma International Institute, one of the best KAPS coaching centre in Kerala might be the right place with all the results they’ve been producing these past years.

How to migrate to Dubai as a registered pharmacist?

Here too, you need minimum qualifications and must produce required documents, which will be verified. Once done, similar to the Canadian process, you will have to create an account called the Sheryan account which tracks your progress. Then you apply for the DHA (Dubai Health Authority) Licensure Examination which is also known as the Prometric Examination.

Once you get clear the exam, you can get a  job in Dubai. The licensure is post-job. When you get a job as a pharmacist in Dubai, your employer will do what’s necessary to get you licensed.

A good place that can help you crack the DHA is the Pharma International Institute which is one of the best DHA coaching centre in Kerala.

If you want to check out which places you can migrate to as registered pharmacists from India, head on over to this page which will also give a concise idea of what is required for registration in each country.