Australia is on the list of top five places where Indian medical professionals dream to immigrate. Attractive salaries, citizenship, health benefits, weather, and liveable cities are the main temptations behind immigration. Like all other fields, pharmaceutical industries are also flourishing in Australia and the country has maintained its growth even during the period of pandemic. The country allows registered pharmacists to own up to three pharmacies in most states. Obtaining a pharmacy license is not that complicated, and this blog will give you a clear roadmap to becoming a registered pharmacist in Australia. 

STEP 1 – Obtain a Pharmacy Degree

It is mandatory to obtain a pharmacy degree from a recognized college/university in order to register with the pharmacy board of  Australia.

STEP 2 –  Initial Skill Assessment

The aspirants should get a skill assessment eligibility letter from APC (Australian Pharmacy Council). The assessment examines whether the candidate meets the requirements or not. To get the skill assessment eligibility letter, the candidate must submit the following documents.

  1. Consolidated marksheet of Pharmacy degree.
  2. Document of State Pharmacy Council Registration
  3. Passport
  4. Work experience certificate

STEP 3 –  Complete an Internship Program

After receiving the skill assessment eligibility letter, the candidate needs to complete a full-time internship program under supervision where they will be judged for various aspects. 

STEP 4 – Appear for KAPS examination

The next step is to attend the KAPS examination. The exam is scheduled for two divisions. Intern written exam (IWE) and intern oral exam (IOE).

STEP 5 – English Language Proficiency Test

The Pharmacy Board of Australia considers various English language proficiency tests that include IELS, OET, and PTE. 

STEP 6 – Apply for Visa

After qualifying for the KAPS exam and English language proficiency test, you can apply for any type of Australian visa including, state nominated visa, working visa or training visa.

STEP 7- Provisional Pharmacist Registration 

Registration with the Australian Health Practitioner Regulation Agency (AHPRA) gives pharmacists the entitlement to practice in Australia. It is the final step and final step and it ultimately leads you to your dream of becoming a registered pharmacist in Australia.

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