What is PSI?

PSI stands for the Pharmaceutical Society of Ireland, which is a public and statutory authority established to regulate pharmacies and pharmacists in Ireland. The aim of PSI is to protect public health by setting professional and educational standards for pharmacists and pharmacies. PSI registration is mandatory for those who want to operate a pharmacy or practice a pharmacy career in Ireland.

How Can a New Pharmacist Register with the PSI?

There are three types of PSI registration, and it depends on where you obtained your training. They are:

  1. Irish Trained Pharmacist
  2. EU Trained pharmacist
  3. Trained Outside of the EU/EEA

How is the Registration Process for Pharmacists Trained Outside of the EU/EEA?

Those who trained outside the EU/EEA need to apply to get their qualifications recognized by PSI. They come under the category of Third Country Qualification Recognition (TCQR).

 The PSI evaluation is mainly a four-stage process. 

  1. Submission of application
  2. Passing an equivalency exam
  3. The adaptation period
  4. Professional Registration Examination (PRE)

Additionally, the candidate must pass the language competency test.

Structure of The Equivalency Examination

The Structure of the equivalency examination can be divided into two parts.

Part one is an MCQ examination containing 100 questions. Candidates are given 180 minutes, with an additional 15 minutes for cool-off time.

Part two is the Objective Structured Clinical Examination (OSCE), which is a performance-based test to assess the clinical and communication skills of the candidate. There will be 12 stations, including interactive stations and written stations, that the candidate needs to perform. Candidates will be given clear instructions by the examiners about each station.

Which is the Best PSI Coaching for Pharmacist in India?

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