The full form of FPGEE is Foreign Pharmacy Graduate Equivalency Exam. This exam is taken by those Foreign Graduate Pharmacists who wish to acquire a license to practice in the United States. Only if you are eligible and pass the FPGEE exam, you will be able to practice in the United States.

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   1.What are the qualifications you need to apply for FPGEE?

You must have a minimum qualification if you want to apply and attempt the FPGEE exam. It is mandatory that you must have a graduate pharmacy degree from a recognized school of pharmacy outside the United States and its jurisdiction.

  • If the degree you received is before 1st January, 2003, you must complete a four year pharmacy syllabus at the time of graduation.
  • Or else, if the degree you received is after 1st January, 2003, you need to complete a five year pharmacy course or syllabus at the time of graduation.

Along with your graduate certification, you must also submit the documentation for the foreign license or registration. You should have all the requirements of the license of the country from where you got the license.

   2.Step for certification

      To understand the steps for verification clearly, before you apply for the verification go through “FPGEC Candidate Application Bulletin” in the official NABP site for complete details. It is crucial to read this bulletin thoroughly before you proceed with your verification.

You should have a NABP e-profile as well as the e-profile ID number. You will need both of these throughout your application process for FPGEE. You have to create an account in order to submit your application.

  • Submit your degree qualification documents to the Educational Credentials Evaluators(EGC). This should include the official documentation of your educational qualification, Translations of the non-English documents if any, payment of fees for the General Evaluation Report.
  • Only EGC will verify your documents on behalf of the NABP. You can submit the EGC application before applying for the exam.

Ensure that you have enough and valid proof that you have the required needs to practice pharmacy in another country and that too without restrictions.

This can either be your license, registration or both of them. Along with these you may also have to submit some ID proof like passports, photos etc.

The next thing you should do is register for TOEFL iBT. TOEFL iBT is the test you have to attend in order to stand out and get a better advantage. The test evaluates all the basic skills in English namely, reading, writing, speaking and listening. You will have three options to attend this test. You can take the traditional one at the exam center, the home edition or the paper edition.

For more details visit the official site NABP.

   3.How to apply for FPGEE exam 

You have to submit your application for attending the exam in the Foreign Pharmacy section in the e-profile in NABP.

You have separate fees for both applying and evaluation. $100 for the application fee and $450 as the evaluation fees. Also note that both of these will not be refundable.

It is always recommended to submit all the necessary documents before you send in your application for the exam. This is because your evaluation will only start if your documents are submitted along with your performance in TOEFL iBL and score.

After finishing your submission you will have two years to meet the needed requirements.

   4.Document submission required for the exam

  • FPGEC attestation
  • Unrestricted pharmacy license or registration
  • Attested copy of photo ID
  • ECE report
  • Score report of passing the TOEFL iBL

Now that you know the necessary details about the FPGEE exam, we can help you crack it and help you achieve your dream of practicing as a pharmacist in the United States. Reach out to us as we are one of the  Best FPGEE Coaching Centre in India.

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